Automatic 2-station balancing machine for passenger car crankshafts Bario - Schenck RoTec Polska

  • Flexible machine design
  • Fast change over
  • Ergonomic operation and easy maintenance
  • Reduced floor space requirements
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Highest measuring accuracy
  • Improved productivity

Range of application

The BARIO is a fully automatic and flexible 2-station balancing machine for the series production of symmetrical and non-symmetrical passenger crankshafts.
The precision balancing unit can be used for the balancing of non-symmetrical crankshafts without the use of bob weights. Automatic unbalance correction is achieved by drilling, and uses minimal quantity lubrication (MQL).
Change over between different crankshaft types is very simple and fast. The machine is therefore ideally suited for the cycle time, flexibility, and quality requirements of the automotive industry.



  • 2-Station-balancing machine
  • Direct hook design for efficient installation
  • Modular balancing unit
    - End drive or pin drive balancing unit for symmetrical  and non-symmetrical crankshafts
    - Roller drive balancing unit for symmetrical crankshafts
  • Drilling with minimal quantity Lubrication (MQL)
  • Standard Internal rotary transport unit
  • Integrated chip transport
  • fluidics ergonomically arranged in a cabinet enclosure
  • Measuring unit CAB950 with Smart Touch Screen

Special features

  • Measuring unit CAB950 with Smart Touch Screen
  • SCHENCK diagnostic function "Fingerprint"
  • Mass-optimized polar correction with SCHENCK optimized algorithms
  • optimized chip shedding - no chip suction needed
  • Tool changer (option)
Technical data
Data at a glance             
Crankshafts    Symmetric crankshafts like I4, I6         
    Non-symmetric crankshafts like I2, I3, I5, V6, V8         
Weight max.  [kg]  30         
Total length max.  [mm]  650         
Main journal diameter  [mm]  40 - 70         
Distance axial center to drive end  [mm]  100 - 240         
Correction planes distance  [mm]  200 - 600         
Main journal distance  [mm]  (120) 170 - 500         
Rotating outside diameter max.  [mm]  200         
Width  [mm]  ca. 2060         
Depth  [mm]  ca. 5500         
Height  [mm]  ca. 2200         
Total weight  [kg]  10.000         
Painting    According to customer requirements         
Balancing unit    Pin drive or end drive          
Crankshaft support    Rollers         
Measurement uncertainty  [gmm]  5 - 25         
Measuring device    CAB 950C with Touch Screen         
Basic machine  Order No.  R0300300.01         
Tool Exchanger  Order No.  R0300201.01         
Rotary transport with flexible design  Order No.  R0300202.01         
Automatic hatch  Order No.  R0300204.01